PBS Contracting, Inc.

PBS Contracting, Inc. provides quality construction services to achieve the owners’ objectives within the given time frame.

PBS sees its business relationship as one based on team work. The success of each job depends on the relationship between owner, architect and contractor. We pride ourselves with our management skills. Through communication and expertise we can avoid costly mistakes in the construction process.

Our Company

Paul and Bonnie Schmidt have owned PBS Contracting, Inc. since it was formed in January, 1999. Both were managers for Max Contracting, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia prior to beginning their own business.

Paul is the President of PBS Contracting. Paul studied at University of Virginia and became interested in the building industry at this time. In 1984 he began working for Max Contracting, Inc. which his brother owned. Paul presently is the chief estimator, client liaison, and production and operations manager for PBS.

Bonnie holds the positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of PBS. She received her BS in Business Management from Radford University. Bonnie enjoys continuing her family legacy of building contractors and is responsible for office operations.

PBS Contracting began as a small general contracting firm in 1999. Our business is vibrant and pursues new challenges in a growing market. PBS Contracting’s earlier experience was with various learning institutions, but has expanded it’s clientel base. From libraries to churches, from schools to historical rehabilitation, from banks to homes, our work consistently achieves quality recognition.

Clients express the following attributes with regards to working with PBS Contracting, Inc.:

Our Services

PBS Contracting, Inc. is a general contracting firm with a full staff of electricians, carpenters, framers, drywall finishers, painters, concrete finishers and acoustical ceiling mechanics. We have developed long term relationships with a vast number of subcontractors to fill in the voids of our expertise to provide services required for your specific job.

Though a majority of our work is with State, Federal and Local government agencies, we work with clients in the private sector and homeowners also.

Our most recent clients include:

Dun & Bradstreet recently gave PBS Contracting a rating of BB1, which is the highest rating attainable for a firm of this size. D&B #05-932-6640.

PBS Contracting, Inc. is fully bonded and insured, and has a close working relationship with their agents at Tabb, Brockenbrough and Ragland in Richmond, Virginia. PBS is presently involved in a bonding program with the Westfield Group, with bonding of up to $3 million per job.